City school to take over military land?

TA Harold StreetHereford Cathedral School is rumoured to be looking into a landshare deal with the Territorial Army at its Harold Street site.

Sources within the school have indicated the front field of the TA centre is to become new hockey pitches for pupil use.

Plans are still being finalised but the development may prove to be a stepping stone to open the land up for use by the community.

The field has a long history of community use, whether legally or illegally, attracting many local residents who used to climb the old wall to play football and other games. Not surprisingly, they were quite often chased off the site and threatened with a ‘clip around the ear hole’.

Up until the second world war, the space was used regularly for sporting matches by the cathedral school themselves, as well as Hereford Rugby Club and Bartonsham Rovers. Posts and canvas were also added to the top of the wall to stop locals watching for free from the road. Despite this, there appears to be no record of any community activity on the green after the 1960s.

The present day bars that enclose the land were put up as added security during the height of the Troubles.

In more recent years, St James and Bartonsham Community Association has negotiated unsuccessfully with Herefordshire Council to have the bars removed and the land returned to community use.

Perhaps this military base is best not cited within a residential area at all. Are the cathedral school plans the first indication that the TA may be considering packing up its things for good?

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