Circus Mondao Clueless and Cruel

Posted on April 20th, 2012 by Luther Blissett in Around the Shire

(Article edited 14/08/2012)

Many people are finding this article via web searches. If you are one of those people we ask that you consider whether an animal circus is for you. Circus Mondao rely on beautiful wild animals in thier performances, how these animals are treated is not the argument we have. We, and many other people accross the country, believe that wild animals belong in the wild. They should not be used for entertainment. There are many far more talented circus groups in the UK that dont need animals to sell themselves. We hope you will boycott Circus Mondao and search out real circus entertainment elsewhere.

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The protest held this week in opposition to animal exploiters, Circus Mondao, appears to have ruffled a few feathers. Circus staff, currently performing at Hereford Racecourse, have desperately been trying to justify themselves on local social media.

Unfortunately their questionable ethics are there for everyone to see. Describing Zebras as ‘so called’ wild animals these people clearly miss the point. They claim that the animals are happy grazing on the racecourse! Anyone with an ounce of compassion would agree that these animals should be returned to the wild or housed in sanctuaries, not being used to make a few quid. It matters not how much Mondao claim to care about them, or how well they think they treat them. These animals do not belong on a racecourse in England. Besides, if these so called circus performers cant provide entertainment without wild animals then perhaps a career change is in order.

And people across the country agree. Demonstrations are regularly held where-ever Mondao ‘perform’.

This kind of ‘entertainment’ is a relic from the dark ages and amazingly the government agrees. After a campaign by animal charities Lord Taylor, minister for animal welfare, said he hopes to put legislation in place banning the use of wild animals in circuses. Unfortunately we will have to wait a couple of years for the ban so we may have to suffer Mondao again next year, but not forever.

Good riddance


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  1. GSDJayne

    Problem is that animal circuses appeal to the dumbed down sheeple who are devoid of any conscience or compassion.
    Where’s the good old RSPCA inspectors when you need them? Of course, they are too busy persecuting, prosecuting little old ladies or the disabled for allowing their pets to get a little overweight!

  2. Bart

    The word ‘sheeple’ is a specieist term used by the so-called master-race to belittle their own race by likening its members to what they refer to as ‘dumb animals’. Sort it out.

  3. Hard core alternative news

    The liberty generation news

  4. James Walker

    I am sure that the good folks who complain about cruelty to animals in circuses do so for the most worthy of emotional reasons, but I wonder how much evidence they as individuals, actually have. Have they personally witnessed cruelty or are the just parroting `evidence` that they have only heard 50th hand?

    Do they themselves not perhaps train their pet dog to do tricks and maybe even smack it wen it has been naughty? Perhaps they have a goldfish whose life consists of no more than coloured gravel and a plastic galleon. Would they consider that their treatment of their pet dog or goldfish has a measure of unnatural cruelty?

    It may interest the cruelty brigade to know that in the last 100 years or so, the R.S.P.C.A. have taken 4 circusses to court for cruelty issues and have lost every case. Before people complain based on the `evidence` of others whose only knowledge in also based purely on propoganda, they should quietly and as individuals, ask the circus for a look round. Any reputable circus would welcome the chance to disprove the lies that have been and are still being, fed to good hearted but gullible folks.

  5. @Rural_Anarchist

    James, strange that is the same argument Mondao used when they befouled our beutiful town.
    Perhaps you work for them?
    Like them you completely miss the point,
    wild animals belong in the wild, it doesn’t matter how well you treat them.
    We ‘cruelty brigade’ folk believe making money out of these anumals is repugnant.

    • James Walker

      What follows is written with the greatest of respect to your right to your opinion. I do not work for Circus Mondeo not have I, or have ever had, any connection with the circus industry. I am just an ordinary audience member. Have you ever wondered why the circus gave the response that it did ? Perhaps it is because it is the truth and if you choose not to believe it, it could be because either you don`t want to believe it, or you are perhaps too biased to want to hear anything other than confirmation by ill-informed bigots.

      I have no wish to insult you because you are in all probability sincere in your opinion and I have to respect you sincerity. However, what would you have the circus do with their `wild` animals ? Return them to their own country ? Their own country would be the U.K., because they were bred in a specialist circus and zoo breeding facility in, (I think), Hampshire. Circus animals have not been snached from Africa and Asia for generations. Indeed, they wouldn`t last a week if they were returned to these countries as they have always depended on humans for feeding etc. Consequently, by being used to having humans around them since birth and apart from the big cats, they are virtually semi-tame.

      The question still remains though and you have not answered it, is, have you personally witnessed cruelty and have you as a private individual asked to see the conditions under which the animals are kept ?

    • James Walker

      You are quite wrong @rural Anarchist, I have no connection with the circus industry, nor do I know anyone who works for any circus. It is just that I am ruled more by my head than any hot emotion. Facts do not change regardless of who states them, be it circus proprietor, or a member of the public – they remain consistent.

      You seem to be of the old fashioned view that circus animals are plucked from the wild and forced to perform unnaturally for the edification of the masses. There has been no need to do this for years, as specialist breeding facilities have existed in the country for decades. Chipperfields, although discredited in recent years through the actions of two people, is the main one.

      If you would wish `wild` animals such as zebras, dromedaries and equine animals to be returned to their native country, it would be er, Great Britain. They have only ever known life in a captive circus environment in Britain and would not survive if `returned` to Africa or some other country. The point is, even though some examples of the breeds used in circuses are undoubtedly wild in their native element and country, the current circus ones are not and have always depended on people for their food and welfare.

      Think about non circus animals which nobody screams cruelty over. Horses which have to be broken and schooled, rabbits which are penned in a restrictive hutch and the two examples described in the second paragraph of my original comment. Please, please, please, @ Rural Anarchist, do as I suggested in my original comments and ask to inspect the stables. Then and only then. will you be able to comment from knowledge rather than emotion based on a vague suspicion based on the opinion of others.

  6. Angi cartwright

    What a load of twaddle. The animals are well cared for and would not perform if they were I’ll treated. Even a pigeon can turn!!! Leave them alone for godssake

  7. adam daly

    they will perform,there too scared not to because there not stupid,they no that if they dont they will get beaten after the show

  8. lucas

    You guys are so gullible dont belive what you hear just because you heard it listen go to circus mondao’s website and they should have a video called circus the truth and then tell me what you think about circus mondao.

  9. Dave moulton

    I have been a animal circus fan for many years. Since helping out at one and befriending one of the clowns. I have taken horses from there stables. It’s hard to walk fast enough such is there love for what they do. Now I never hear anything about zoo who animals are bored out of there minds for what of something to do. The tiger walk around the same bit of its enclosure turning round and walking the same bit again. Elephant swaying there head. They are doing it because they are bored. Zoos train there elephants to lift there legs of command to check there feet. The Elephant gets a treat for doing this. It’s called reward enforcement and is now circus animals are why as it only circus that are targeted for being cruel to animal. Tell you some facts about the RSPCA they put down around 300 health animals a year those they can’t off load on other animal charities. They turned a blind eye do some animal cruelty such as Greyhound racing were horses younger than 2 are broken, that’s like a 5 year old doing a hard manual job. Many have leg troubles because at that age a horses bones are still soft. Many done make the race course and go for slaughter. What are animal rights doing to stop this. David moulton horse owner

    • Luther Blissett

      Greyhound racing

      Hope you find these helpful

      • Dave moulton

        Yes Greyhound racing, and the slaughter of perfectly healthy dogs. I spoken to a couple of owners of ex racing Greyhound surprisingly they don’t need a lot of exercise. Like horse racing what are RSPCA doing about cruelty in greyhound racing. They sooner try scone brownie points by outlawing animal circuses. I think theres a letter missing. It should me the RSPCSA the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Some Animals..

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