Rich councillors shouldn’t give up their wage … says councillor

pigs-in-troughsCouncillors shouldn’t have to give up the allowances they are paid, even if they’re wealthy enough to go without.

That’s the view of one councillor who claimed instead that members of the public should simply wait until the next election to kick out the ones that don’t give ‘good value for money’.

Cllr Liz Harvey, member for Ledbury, told the Heckler: “Councillors have all sorts of personal circumstances … My £7k allowance is all the income I have except for any honey I can sell from keeping bees.”

But Harvey categorically stated that those councillors who had private businesses or other incomes shouldn’t have to give up allowances, even at a time when Herefordshire Council is looking to make huge cuts to make up its budget shortfall.

“I don’t think most councillors give good value for the allowances they are paid but the responsibility for doing something about that lies with their electorate. They voted them in either by positively exercising their franchise, or by refusing to do so. If councillors are rubbish—and many are—people should press them to be better NOW or vote them out at the next election.”

Back in May 2011, Cllr Harvey proposed that all councillors wave the special responsibility allowance some are given for taking on extra duties. The proposal was rejected. Hypocritically, Harvey carried on taking her own special responsibility allowance claiming that it couldn’t be stopped. In 2011–2012 she was paid an additional £2,493.31.

Last week, in the wake of the council’s financial crisis, we called for wealthy councillors and senior managers to publicly take a pay cut. A week later and none have come forward.

The council’s big meeting to discuss service cuts will take place tomorrow (Friday) at 2.30pm at the Shire Hall, Hereford. A rally is also expected to go ahead at 9.00am, also at the Shire Hall.

7 thoughts on “Rich councillors shouldn’t give up their wage … says councillor

  1. A vile, malicious and wholly unwarranted calumny directed at the wrong person!

    If you’ve got to target one councillor amongst all the other 57 with their snouts firmly stuck in Brockington’s lucrative payola trough, why not go for no-hopers like Chappell or Edwards or Wilcox?

    Liz Harvey’s contributions to debates (usually unscripted) are invariably excoriating. I was present when she and Alan Seldon laid into that overweight numpty Bretherton for hiding behind his ‘commercial confidentiality’ shield. She made toast of him!

    If there’s a root-and-branch cleansing of Shire Hall’s Augean Stables today, this county could do a lot worse than see Dame Olwyn Barnett unseated and Our Liz enthroned as Chair!

  2. We’ve never hidden our disdain for IOC, Fidel.
    They hijacked a vibrant community campaign group for their own political ends.
    Cosied up to tories and liberals in order to claim political acceptance,
    And Hubbards letter in the Journal re: cuts topped it off for me,
    he made no mention of the terrible impact on working people, he just took another cheep shot at the Tories.

  3. @Rural_Anarchist. Well, I never imagined in my wildest wet dreams I’d be quoting Dennis Healy at an anarchist: “When you’re in a hole: stop digging!”

    • You’ve lost me Fidel.
      Although having wet dreams involving Dennis Healy and anarchists will surely get you kicked out of IOC.

  4. Oh dear….looks like it’s back to school for you Rural_Anarchist!

    You say that it was Cllr Hubbard’s letter to the Journal (taking a cheap shot at the Tories) that was the final straw for you.

    So you sat down and had a cheap shot back at Hubbard’s deputy, decorating the purile piece with a fatuous photo!

    • I would suggest it’s more of a difference of opinion rather than a lack of education.
      You’ve come onto an anarchist website to show support for a mainstream political party, a party who claim to be a meaningful alternative to the other pathetic options.
      I would argue that IOC are no different from Tory/Lib/Lab/Green. Hubbards letter to the Journal reinforced that.
      People are free to vote for whoever they want, just as we are free to point out that all politicans are the same and deserve the same level of criticism, cheap or not.

  5. Fidel may have a point but he needs to know the facts before he gets to writing things he may not know about. First I do not have my snout anywhere. As a care worker, looking after the most vulnerable in the county I loose
    £7.57 every time I attend a Council meeting. Cleaning another persons bottom, or ensuring someone dies with dignity is not the role many councillors would undertake. How many ‘Hecklers’ would do it?

    I work six days a week looking after the sick and dying, the seventh day I devote to Council work although in between looking after the demented I also do y work as a councillor, on my case load at the moment I have three homeless cases I am trying to look after, two asking my help for domestic violence, one who is mentally ill and regular meetings with Unison trying to sort job redundancies.

    Perhaps Fidel could do a better job than me, we do not know but we do know that ordinary people need support a nd that can only come from those of us prepared to give our time, and money to helping the most vulnerable. I claim know more than has been decided is my worth by independent assesers and certainly lose money as a result. I hope it stays that way as it keeps me aware of how the most vulnerable live. How much money do you give from your earnings Fidel to ensuring the most vulnerable in the county are looked after?

    As for the IOC, look more closely at where they are coming from and what they would do if they controlled the council. It certainly not looking after the vulnerable.
    Chris Chappell

    Ps I have not sent this under a different name, not ashamed to speak out. Who are you Fidel?

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