Can we riot now?

postpolcolourThings changed yesterday: ‘the cuts’ turned the corner from abstract ideas into tangible financial loses for many people.

Implemented were the bedroom tax; cuts to legal aid; cuts to council tax benefit; more steps in the backdoor privatisation of the NHS.

Further cuts this month include the scrapping of Disability Living Allowance, benefits rising by only 1% instead of with inflation as is usual, and a cap on total benefits received.

Yet from Saturday people earning £150,000 or more a year will get a 10% tax cut, bringing their income tax level down to just 45p in a pound. More Bolly for them.

People are pissed off!

We’re pissed off about food prices rising one week after the next, gas and electric going up, petrol going up, benefits being cut, nonexistant payrises, small things like potholes not being fixed, big things like a government whose single mission is to screw the poor.

But as someone commented on our Facebook page, it’s not about how much is being taken away, it’s about how little is left behind. And what’s left behind is not a-fucking-lot.

One day soon things are going to explode. It won’t happen on a picket line, it won’t happen at a rally. There won’t be any dates or a specific timeline. It’ll be a small spark that lights the fire. It’ll be some desperate soul who gets nicked for shoplifting—just basic provisions. A crowd gathers, the cops call for backup … kick off! And then it spreads.

The ruling class should be praying for a very rainy summer—we’re angry.

2 thoughts on “Can we riot now?

  1. i agree 100% that i can see that this government will be the cause of massive unrest on our streets they have pushed people way to far whilst lining there own greedy is impossible to survive on what people have left to spend after the cuts and will only force people into crime to eat and pay bills.

  2. But for the untimely ‘intervention’ of the news of the conviction of Mick Philpott, George Osborne’s rallying cry to the assembled troops lining the aisles of Morrison’s Kemsley distribution depot this week would have been a headline-grabbing blinder. Don’t be deceived by the palid demeanour or the Fauntleroy hairstyle: this was the relaunch of The Nasty Party.

    If Margaret-The-Undead’s best-known sobriquet remains: ‘The Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove’ then Gideon’s will be ‘The Iron Fist in the Mailed Glove’. To an adoring crowd (adoring only because Sir Ken had given them all a 30min break from driving fork lift trucks up and down), Gideon snarled about work-shy benefit scroungers crossing the Channel to jump our housing queues, ending with a tirade worthy of Lord Olivier:-
    “God for Gideon, England and the Tory Party!”

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