Bypass Stalled

Plans for a Hereford bypass have yet again been put on hold after government officials refused funding for the project.

Acting on behalf of the council, the West Midlands Regional Assembly was applying for at least half of the estimated £130 million for the road.

But Herefordshire Council had failed to even decide upon a route for the road before asking the government for funds.

In a letter leaked to the Hereford Heckler, the Department for Transport told the WMRA that plans for the ‘outer distributer road’ are premature.

“The promotor should … expand its current study work and investigate a full range of options for addressing the transport challenges in the area.” In plain English, go and do your homework, roads aren’t the only option!

Government funding for the bypass has been refused several times previously because of the severe consequences it would have on the local environment. Current plans will either take the road west through the village of Breinton or east around the Lugg Meadows; both will be problematic.

Herefordshire Council plan to raise the rest of the funds by selling off land to developers, who will be building an estimated 8,000 new homes in the city.

What is obvious is the need to look beyond quick-fix traffic solutions and to see how the project will impact the environment and the the lives of our children and our grandchildren.

Is there anyone left out there that does not believe climate change is now inevitable and that reducing the burning of fossil fuels is a necessity?

There is now only one solution: changing our lifestyles and improving our county’s existing facilities … not new roads.

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