Bulls shake off the crooks – Viva Hereford FC!

Hereford United fansWe have our club back! We have our club back! Jon Hale and HUST are in the driving seat and it’s excellent news.

A whopping 97% of Hereford United Supporters Trust members voted in favour of the Jon Hale–HUST Hereford FC plan, which will bring the club back to the community. Despite some unanswered questions behind the model, Hale seems genuinely passionate about football and a fan that wants the best for the club – both fans and the community! He has the Heckler backing and we hope next season will be one to remember. Fingers crossed!

Starving out the Essex crooks worked despite threats, abuse and lies thrown at us. The rumours are now that the football tumour that is Andy Lonsdale is trying to attach himself on to the flagging corpse of Farnborough. A team which previously had trouble with crooked thieving owners and had to start from scratch. To allow this to happen yet again is completely unacceptable. All rivalries, opposing views and bickering need to put aside when this thieving salad-dodger is in town. Any club deserves our advice and support and Farnborough need it now. Apparently Lonsdale and lorry thief Tommy Agombar had already tried Swindon and Bristol Rovers but was rightly told to fuck off.

English leagues seem to be abundant with corrupt owners with dodgy backgrounds. Look at Man City, Chelsea and Man United for example, all ‘run’ by extremely suspect characters with endless pots of money making the whole league an uneven playing field. Will Stoke ever finish in the top four!? Will they fuck!

The ex-Leeds owner Massimo Cellino has now only been temporarily removed from his position until 10th April after the FA finally woke up and worked out that he was convicted of attempted embezzlement and fraudulent behaviour in 2013. It seems odd he will probably be allowed to become chairman again on his return. This is weird as Lonsdale has liquidated almost all of the 30 companies he has owned but is free to takeover another club with not even a suspension, despite previously failing the ownership test. It just goes to show how the FA favour and allow the big teams to break the wage structure and debt laws as much as they like.

We hope the Hale model takes off over here. The English game can certainly learn a lot from the German Bundesliga where tickets are affordable, the league is even, fans must own a percentage of the club, drinking is allowed in the stadium, terracing is still legal and the atmospheres at the games are amazing.

Viva Hereford FC!

Barry Moore

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