Rotherwas fire brings out the Jesus freaks

Amid the chaos and danger at today’s Rotherwas fire were a group of people serving refreshments to the emergency services: the Plymouth Brethren.

With their local base on the Beacon road at Rotherwas, the Plymouth Brethren (or Exclusive Brethren as they are also known) are a shadowy evangelical Christian movement, accused by some of being a cult.

Email haters

Email-haters serving Jesus tea

Characterised by strictness, they have a reputation for isolating themselves from the world and sticking to a rigid moral code.

Members cannot watch television, listen to the radio or go to the cinema; if the fire had happened on the Three Elms trading estate they probably wouldn’t have heard about it.

They also run many schools in the country.

In January a local authority investigated claims of child cruelty at the Exclusive Brethren Wilton Park school in Wiltshire.

Claims made against the school included punishments imposed upon six pupils for setting up a Facebook page, elders tearing pages from textbooks to remove information about gay rights and sexually transmitted diseases, and teenage boys and girls being banned from talking to each other.

Pupils are also banned from emailing because, according to a memo: “such communications promote special friendships and are beneath the dignity of our calling”.

We pray people reading this don’t have an email address—if you do you’re going to hell!

Last year at least 15 Exclusive Brethren schools made attempts to gain free school status but were turned down by the Department of Education.

TES reported how the Brethren “members do not marry outside the sect; women are expected to take on traditional female roles and men are expected to be breadwinners; former members have claimed the church works like a “cult” with those who choose to leave isolated from friends and family”.

It seems from today’s actions that Christian cults have a big love for providing street food, with Hereford’s other Jesus freaks Freedom Church known to get the garden furniture out and use free cakes as bait to suck in new recruits.

We’re sure the essential emergency services—the fire brigade and paramedics—were grateful for the refreshments.

But it’s pretty obvious they would’ve left a bitter taste in the mouth.

3 thoughts on “Rotherwas fire brings out the Jesus freaks

  1. The “Exclusive Brethren” have changed their name to “Plymouth brethren Christian Church”, in an attempt to improve their rather poor public image. They are also falling over them selves to perform good works all over the place in an attempt to influence the Charities Commission to reverse their decision to deny them charitable status. we should not be taken in by this, in the two hundred years of their existence they have never done anything of “Public benefit” until the Commissions decision to remove their Charitable Status, which was apparently worth millions to them. Now their good works are sprouting up everywhere in a massive P.R. exercise, and no one should be taken in by it. Their “Registered PUBLIC Places of worship” for which they get C/Tax exemption are closed to the PUBLIC. you can not just walk in to any of their services, you will be “forbotton”. You have to be interviewed by their priests to determine if you are “WELL DISPOSED”, No other PUBLIC place of worship that I know of, lays down such conditions of entry

  2. its clear that when people do something good to help others they are mocked for doing so!!! anyone is welcome to join the church meetings without a so called interview. These people are some of the most kind hearted people i have ever met! before you mock open your eyes and take a look at the good they do. I bet those of you putting the brethren down don’t do any charity work or anything that doesn’t benefit you in some way, yet you still believe you have the right to mock

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