Leominster racists take a stand for their country … LOLOLOLOL

‘Enough is enough’ for two ginormous pricks, who have taken a stand to defend their pure, untainted race from the ‘evil foreigners’.

The pair—described as white, male and in their 30s—racially abused a man as he walked along Leominster’s Corn Square on 25 February at 2pm.

These true patriots probably thought they were bravely defending their great English nation! “No fucking surrender, England” or something. Hahahaha, what a joke they are.

Next stop is a car park so they can kick a foreign car and then Aldi so they can swear at some foreign beer. You fucking idiots!

What these two runts of the litter need is a lesson from the Eric Cantona School of Anti-racism. And then some brain cells.

Hey bellends, go get some brain cells!

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