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With less than two weeks till the start of the football season the situation at Edgar Street continues to sadden and amaze many fans. The real story about the demise of our club will surely come out in time, but it’s clear where much of the blame lays.

Fans say it like it is

David Keyte. What a wanker. How dare he call himself a fan. His time in charge of the club started off so well and ended with utter mismanagement and complete disregard for true supporters. The rest of the board who operated under him also have a lot to answer for. A great many hard working staff and players were lied too and ripped off by Keyte and he should never be allowed to work in football again.  This imbecile’s final act of treachery was to pass ownership of our club to bunch of crooks.

Tommy Agombar, Andy Lonsdale and the rest of these cowboys are nothing more than gold diggers.  They’ve come to Hereford with easy money on their minds. Edgar Street is prime development land and they know it. They have continued the Keyte legacy of lying and ripping off people the extent that all members of staff have walked out. They have no respect for supporters of the club they claim to have saved.

As ever in these situations the ones who stand up and make a real difference are the fans. It was the fans who dug deep last season to avert winding up orders. It was fans who organised themselves into a Trust in the hope of taking the club forward after Keyte. It’s that fans who make a football club and after Tommy has fucked off back to London we’ll still be here. What is left after he’s gone remains to be seen but what is clear is that we shouldn’t give him a penny.


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Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST) called for a boycott of the current regime until all outstanding debts have been paid and we fully support this. In fact we’d rather see the back of Agombar before returning to the Meadow End. The club listed as a member of the Southern League for next season is not the true Hereford United and shame on the League for allowing them to join.

We urge all supporters to promote the boycott of Hereford United to other fans. Agombar and his crew are here to rip us off, don’t give them any credibility by going to Edgar Street.  HUST and other supporters are arranging an alternative fixture list for next season supporting the Hereford United Fans Team. Get along to the matches to show what real Bulls fans look like. We’ll either get our club back or start afresh, either way HUFC will live on. COME ON YOU WHITES.

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Luther Blissett

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