Blood thirsty ‘animal lover’

Is Charles Pickles taking the piss or is he too stupid to see the irony?

An article recently appeared in both the Times and Journal that left us very confused. The article talked about the installation of a tunnel underneath the A438 at Swainshill. “Animal lover Charles Pickles,” the article said, had heard of the plight of otters being killed on the road and had organised the building of the tunnel to “prevent further tragedies”.

Charlie Boy taking a break from the hare murdering

Yet, the previous week we were contacted by an employee of Hereford Futures. This is the rebranded Edgar Street Grid company that is busy planning the destruction of our beautiful city. The employee has had to endure many conversations with its executive board member, Charles Pickles, and felt that people should be made aware about Charlie Boy’s extra curricular activities.

Far from being an animal lover, Charles Pickles is the Secretary of the Leadon Vale Bassets. This group of vile individuals hunts hares around the Ledbury area in spite of the ban on hunting with dogs. Pickles used to be huntsman and master of the Shrivenham Foot Beagles who had an equally unpleasant attitude towards wildlife. This fanatical supporter of the repeal of the hunting act even has MFH (Master of Foxhounds) on the personalised number plate on his Chelsea Tractor.

So is Charlie boy taking us all for a bunch of fools or does he think saving otters excuses him for ripping other animals apart with dogs?

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