Bill Wiggin refuses to stand down

Slimy Leominster MP, Bill Wiggin, was recently approached by Hereford Solidarity League members at one of his surgeries in Ledbury.

Wiggin was asked to sign a ready-drafted letter of resignation for, amongst other things, his theft of thousands of pounds through MP’s expenses. Unsurprisingly, the lying cheat refused to sign it.

We include the letter in full below as a memory of what might have been. One day Bill, eh?!


I, Bill Wiggin, Conservative MP for the North Herefordshire constituency, wish to announce my resignation from my post with immediate effect.

Throughout my time as MP I have lied to and stolen from my constituents and taxpayers up and down the country. I am nothing more than a greedy parasite.

Not only am I a dirty thieving scumbag, I have also offended my constituents on numerous occasions, among them I have called Cadbury workers in Leominster ‘whingers’ for fearing for their jobs. I was wrong and I take back my comments.

To top it all off, my government is now engaged in the destruction of the social fabric of this country; as an MP I am supporting their attacks on ordinary working class people instead of targeting the bankers who caused this mess in the first place.

I can’t take it anymore! I wish to resign and admit that I have done wrong. I sincerely apologise. I have had many sleepless nights over my conduct and it is with great relief that I make this announcement.

I wish to take this one step further in announcing my complete support for the anarchist ideal and I will now be working towards the great revolution that will see the class system abolished and all people free to live their lives in an egalitarian, anti-capitalist society.

I hope that my constituents will forgive my ill ways and welcome me back into their community.

Yours for the anarchist revolution,

Bill Wiggin, no longer a member of parliament.

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