Beware Jabba the Blake

A bad smell has descended on Edgar Street. It’s not the smell of bullshit spoken by the current owners of the club. It’s not even the rotting pile of rubbish in the Blackfriars end. No, this is the smell of an individual who can’t help but turn to shit everything he touches.

Jabba the Blake, also known as Stuart Blake, is a local ‘businessman’ who has left a trail of debts and failed businesses across the county. A brief search of the Companies House website shows at least 14 failed enterprises. He’s currently making money off the hard work of others through his current business Herefordshire Recruitment. Not surprisingly David ‘I killed HUFC’ Keyte is a big buddy of Blake, even having a directorship in Blake’s firm.

Blake’s first involvement at Edgar Street was as a non-executive director under Keyte. This was until it was pointed out that people with Individual Voluntary Arrangements aren’t allowed to sit on the board of football clubs. An IVA is the alternative people take out to avoid going bankrupt.  Doesn’t sound good really does it. A failed businessman helping an incompetent businessman to ruin a football club!

Well he’s back; Jabba just can’t help himself. He’s been seen sitting in the stand at Edgar Street next to Tommy ‘football man’ Agombar, looking like a little boy who’s too impressed by the bigger boys.

One thing that was clear from Jabba’s first stint at Edgar Street is that he is a fantasist. This is the man who dreamt up the Arab investors! Yes, really! He convinced himself—but failed to convince many other people—that a group of Arabs were going to arrive with bags of cash and make everything ok.

So guess what. He’s convinced Tommy and Mandy that the Arabs are still interested! You can’t make this shit up.

The drama continues.

Luther Blissett

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