“Better Than Buttons” – Cadbury Workers Demo

StrikeAngry Cadbury workers have demonstrated outside the company’s Marlbrook plant after they broke a three-year pay agreement.

Around 25 staff held placards outside the firm’s factory near Leominster saying they deserve ‘better than buttons’.

Cadbury recorded profits of £112 million at the end of July and a 12% rise in sales.

“This is about opportunism and trying to exploit people’s fears at a time of global recession, despite the fact they’re doing fantastically well,” said David Glasper, union convenor at Marlbrook.

Workers have been balloted for strike action and the result should be known by the end of August. Hereford Solidarity League give them our full support; good luck guys.

Elsewhere workers are also taking action to save their jobs. Following the occupations by Visteon workers across the UK, new struggles are taking place across the country and some are getting a result.

Victimisation of workers at a Lincolnshire oil refinery for involvement in an earlier industrial dispute resulted in 51 redundancies, triggering further action; around 1,200 workers walked out on wildcat strike with the messages of ‘sack the bosses, not the workers’ and ‘no to 51 job losses–share out the work’.

The strikers refused to back down in a strong show of solidarity with the sacked workers. This clearly worried the contracting bosses, who responded by sacking 647 striking workers, one of the most large scale sackings in recent times; a further 3,000 workers from eight other sites across the country walking out in support.

Mass rallies were held at the site in Lincolnshire, with workers burning their dismissal notices in a sign of protest against their treatment, and blocking roads around the site.

The bosses backed down: the 51 workers originally made redundant were given their jobs back, as were the 647 workers sacked for their sympathy actions. One Lindsey worker told the Hereford Heckler: “it would appear to be a small victory in a much larger struggle, a view echoed by other lads I have talked to.”

More recently workers for an Isle of Wight wind turbine company have occupied their factory in protest at Vestas’ plans to axe 625 jobs.

The workers have received huge support from environmentalists and trade unionists around the country and are calling for the company to be nationalised.

As we go to press, the workers are continuing to occupy the factory despite Vestas being granted a possession order from Newport County Court. One worker said they will ignore the order and stay for as long as possible.

Meanwhile five people have started a rooftop protest at Vestas’ Venture Quays building in Cowes.

The four men and one woman have hung banners reading: “In solidarity with the Vestas workers” and “Fight for green jobs”. We take our hats off to them.

This sort of action is set to be repeated across the country in the coming months, with the same uncompromising message – the workers united will never be defeated!

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