Badger cull ‘to go ahead in June’

The controversial proposed cull of badgers in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset is ‘to go ahead in June of this year’ according to environment secretary Owen Paterson. The cull was supposed to go ahead last autumn, but was delayed in October due to a miscount of the number of badgers in the areas.

The cull is widely seen as cruel and unnecessary with marksmen being employed to shoot the badgers at night in areas pre-baited with food, in a bid to combat bovine TB.

The science behind the cull is also being disputed, with a number of scientists and government advisors saying the cull may actually help the spread of bovine TB.

Mass publicity campaigns, a petition and a number of protests have been held against the cull. Animal rights activists and hunt saboteurs have vowed to take on the shooters in the fields if the cull starts.

Protest Against the Badger Cull – 9.30am, Wednesday 27th February, outside the NFU Conference, Birmingham International Conference Centre

2 thoughts on “Badger cull ‘to go ahead in June’

  1. I ask that you stop this cull which is inhumane and un-necessary in this day and age when vaccines for cattle are to hand. If badger baiting and killing is illegal, where does it stop by allowing this to happen on a greater scale. This is a licence for others to commit crimes against the badgers unchallenged and is hypocrasy at its very worst.

  2. Scientific evidence states that it is not badgers spreading TB but the movement of cattle around the country; change farming practice and vaccination is the only answer.

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