Artist review: Megan Bradley

Megan BradleyMegan Bradley is a young lady that I was first made aware of when she stepped up and spoke very sweetly introducing her first song at Recon open mic night in Malvern.

Megan is a singer-songwriter. You may think we’ve had enough of those acoustic singer-songwriter types, but this lady uses the format to her advantage. The stripped back sound of an acoustic guitar and a sweet but strong vocal are a great set-up to show her raw talent, but you can also tell she wouldn’t be dwarfed by a larger sound with a full band.

Her content is something that personally struck me. She writes with a beautiful simplicity, which reminds you the world is a nice place. The real emotion you get from her performance and lyrics is just amazing; I fail to keep the hairs on the back of my neck from rising when she breaks into quirky love songs like Letters. I’m once again in love with the world after I’ve heard Childhood and the fantastic, yet realistic, breakdown of a bedtime routine the song is about.

Some of the song structures are quite similar and a good quality recording would help but when you have choruses as quirky and catchy as Happy as Larry I feel this criticism seems much less important.

Megan’s real talent is her ability to write beautiful and catchy melodies. Her honesty and clarity in looking at the small picture is refreshing and maybe this is what sets her apart from the rest of the acoustic-guitar-and-vocal performers.

There is a misconception that local music is a bit naff. But what we must remember is all musicians were once ‘local musicians’ and that it’s largely up to us how much attention they get. This musician deserves the recognition of her talent more than most.

Megan Bradley is for fans of Laura Marling, She & Him, and Emmy the Great.

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