An open letter to Herefordshire Council leader, Cllr John Jarvis

We the undersigned wish to point out that Britain is now in the midst of the worst double-dip recession for 50 years.

Economic forecasts – whether predicting changes in the UK, Europe or the whole world – are universally bleak.
British householders (especially pensioners) have never had to endure such straightened conditions in peacetime.

There are now more than 200 charity food banks in the UK, with new ones opening at the rate of one a week.
The construction industry and its cousin the commercial property development sector are in the doldrums, with a virtual nationwide freeze on major city centre retail developments.

Yet Herefordshire Council, alone, plans to initiate its much-vaunted £80 million Edgar Street Grid shopping development on the empty site of the old livestock market, designed by Stanhope plc and funded by British Land.

Press reports and cabinet and council meetings over the last six months have recorded innumerable contractual changes which these developers have wrung from your council, from alterations to site boundaries to long-term purchasing options. It has been a one-way traffic in concessions.

Now we learn that Stanhope and British Land want you to lift the restriction against them encouraging established city centre traders to move to the Edgar Street Grid.

Here, they clearly have the big-name multinationals in their sights. This would, we believe, sign the death knell of High Town and the knock on effect on traders in Broad Street and St Owen Street would be catastrophic.

Your cabinet is now under pressure to approve this major amendment.

The thinly-veiled threat by one of the developers, reported last week, makes chilling reading.

This would be an utterly foolhardy move, which the people of Herefordshire would never forgive you for and from which this city might takes decades to recover.

The alternative – to refuse the developers’ latest demands (which, privately, many Conservative members of your administration probably know is the ‘honourable option’) – might result in the Edgar Street Grid being ‘mothballed’ for the foreseeable future. But Herefordians would applaud your candour and respect your integrity.

Now is surely the time for a reasonable administration to be preparing realistic alternative uses for this highly-prized city asset.

This is Breadline Britain, Cllr Jarvis, not Never Never Land.

Nick Jones,
Brian and Mary Caldicutt,
Peter and Marjorie Cocks,
Gerald Dawe,
John Faulkner,
Jane Gutteridge,
Adrian Harvey,
Rob Hattersley,
Keith James,
Rae Jones,
Stephen Knight,
Brian Mee,
Mike Morley,
Liz Morawiecki,
David Phelps,
Hubert Porte,
Edward Pritchard,
Rebecca Roseff,
Jaqui Tonge.

4 thoughts on “An open letter to Herefordshire Council leader, Cllr John Jarvis

  1. Good grief. You just have to look at the list of signatures. Whether on this particualr point they are right or wrong I’m not sure but what is certain is that they are all fully paid up members of the IOC flat earth society. They won’t be happy until we are all going around in pony and traps and using the penny black. Even the railways came too soon for this mob of “do as I say not as I do” opportunists. All they can do is criticise and thay have no solutions to the problems in Hereford

  2. Some of us flat earthers do read the papers though. The country is being run by a bunch of spivs, who make Arthur Dailey look like Nelson Mandela, headed by the worst Chancellor since Anthony Barber (look him up on Wikipedia, numpty!). Times on High Street GB are torrid, and will be even bleaker when the July-Sept trading figures reveal that the shops were empty during the Olympics (10% retail bancruptcies at the moment).

    So if you haven’t already sold them in a local car boot sale, batten down the hatches until 2015, be prepared to look at an empty 10-acre Grid site (surrounded by an extremely expensive hoarding) and stop having wet dreams about Debenhams!

    • Well as most people will see if they go past the Cattle market site McAlpine have started work there so that your comment shoved up your ass.
      The majority want this and you will see the majority will win……Bad luck

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