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For our lastest article in the ‘An Interview with….’ series we talked to eco animator Anita Sancha. Working from a small studio at her home in Herefordshire, Anita is creating short films dealing with “environment topics, planet earth, global warming and its effects on climate change, peak oil, and other issues like food, energy and transport.”

Heckler: How did you get into animation?

Anita: It’s a long story. I had a business where I was cutting up rare veneers for rich people, but I’ve got a big conscience so I sold the business and started doing animations. I made “home sweet home” and at that time I thought I was the only one around worried about climate change.

Heckler: How long ago was that?

Anita: Eight years ago.

Heckler: So what do you hope to achieve through your work?

Anita: I try to make animations with a message that will hopefully change people’s ideas and attitudes. The difficulty is getting my animations seen by a lot of people and getting shared on sites like Facebook and twitter. Therefore spreading the message. I try and make each animation non-verbal, so it crosses all language barriers and with the positive end.

Heckler: What sort of reach has your work had? Do you get feed back from all over the world?

Anita: I get some lovely feedback. I even had a fan club in a school in Brazil for a while. My animations are often shown in schools so teachers are usually the ones who write. They seem to spark off conversations about the various topics in class. But I never intended my animations to be used for education, but, as I said, they have no language and end positively that’s why I think they are shown more in schools than anywhere else. I also get invited to workshops and film and animation festivals, which is great because I meet loads of interesting people.

Heckler: Are you inspired by other artists?

Anita: I try not to see too many artists work, because I can feel more depressed and despondent as they are often so good. I am self trained and I suppose from that point to view I’ve tried hard to be as good as I can.

Heckler: Are there any specific environmental issues that inspired you to take the eco line with your animations?

Anita: I’ve got a book with about 50 ideas for animations and I just seem to take out of it the one that feals strongest at that time, but slowly I’m trying to cover all of them. However I did start off with global warming and air flight pollution with “home sweet home “.

Heckler: Can you say a bit about the methods you use in your work

Anita: I use stop motion and special effects software. I combine the two. For the stop motion I use plasticine mostly and props. Then photo the puppets frame by frame with the special effects software I then work in photoshop. I work in front of a computer for what seems hours and hours. Animations take time.

Heckler: And finally, how do you feel the green movement is doing in Herefordshire in raising awareness?

Anita: I think it’s moving on quite well. H energy week is certainly increasing in visitor numbers. I’m just hoping that the council will change and take on new green ideas.

A big thank you to Anita for taking the time to talk to us.

All of her work can be viewed via her website here.





2 thoughts on “An interview with…..An Eco-Animator

  1. ‘Anita: Please, please, please do an animation of Edgar Street’s 14 threatened Lime trees! Although over 200 people sent in letters of protest (and lots of Heckler supporters yarn bombed them), Herefordshire Council STILL hasn’t issued Tree Protection Orders. And on Tuesday 9 July, the Highways Agency is due to ‘unveil’ its latest proposals, which you can bet your boots WON’T say: “We’ve had a good think about it and in view of the strong feelings expressed by local people we’ve decided to drop the whole potty idea.”

  2. Hi Fidel
    Not sure what is happening about the trees! I thought they had been saved, but I recon the council is still in hiding and waiting for us to all go to sleep and forget about them. Then They will pounce!!!!

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