Album review: Wyynona Ryyder

Wyynona Ryyder album coverAt the beginning of the month local band Wyynona Ryyder’s released their debut album ‘Bella Loon’ displaying a very British indie quirk.

The first few tracks convey a post-punk that can quickly strip back to a britpop sound and on listening further the later labelling prevails. With droning guitars, crisp drums, rumbling bass and soft English vocals, Wyynona Ryyder are a bit like a grungey four-man Jarvis Cocker.

Vocalist JP Baron displays his personality through the 10 tracks pretty well and is probably the most appealing element in terms of originality. The simplicity of the lyrics  of ‘In this House’ struck me and they really do capture that feeling of frustration you get from doing nothing and are brilliantly understated. Melodically I find this one the most memorable, but strangely the best way to describe the melody is by saying ‘it’s cute’. Maybe that’s an unusual thing to remark but it is cute!

The lyrics throughout the album have a very particular tone. There’s an edge of humour in most tracks, which is subtle and simple. Perhaps it’s the lovely connection with childhood that the content has in some places, especially in ‘G.O. Blues’. Some of the vocal delivery is nicely awkwardly British, which offsets the grungey fuzz of the distorted guitars.

Wyynona Ryyder are at their best when they consider their dynamics; ‘Perfect Uncle’ shows them at full pelt and stripped back. The build up of ‘Wasted Journey’ is both simple and compelling. The harmonies in its chorus are quirky. Which is something you could say about the whole album in all fairness.

I tried to find stand out tracks – the chorus of ‘Taff’ is catchy as well as interesting and the first track ‘What’s Wrong?’ is the best display of their songwriting abilities – but to be honest there aren’t really any, they have their sound pretty well nailed and are reasonably consistent in their songwriting. There’s enough personality and grunge sensibility in their well-trodden indie context that Wyynona Ryyder manage to come out the other side with something new to offer.

Download the album direct from the band:

Pelican Morals

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