A revolution in Kington?

Hacked off Kington residents are demanding that all their town’s councillors stand down immediately and have formed an action group to kick them out, ‘Enough is Enough in Kington’.

The town’s mayor has already resigned but confidence in Kington Town Council is at an all-time low following years of in-fighting and scheming.

Residents set up an online petition to kick them out with some of the signatories commenting: “I think those councillors are on the council for there own gain … and I think they should all go,” and “it is time that Kington got rid of vermin. They must resign.”

The council is now under investigation from the Standards Board for England but will a petition and a public meeting kick them out of power? Don’t wait to find out, Kington, get out on the streets!

And don’t make the same mistake again by electing another bunch of councillors; they’re all as useless as each other. Hold open meetings where all the town’s people can make decisions–popular assemblies–don’t put your power in the hands of the few.

Never trust a councillor!

The petition is at: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Kington/signatures.html

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