1914: Teachers strike for better pay

This year is the centenary of the 1914 Herefordshire teacher’s strike.

Teachers first walked out on Monday 2 February in a fight for higher wages, with the Daily Telegraph at the time reporting 69 schools closed by the Tuesday.

Many pupils refused to go to school and be taught by scabs, with significant disturbances happening around the county.

These photos (taken from that week’s Hereford Times) show some of the mischief pupils created in support of their teachers.

Ledbury school strikeLedbury: “Miss Creasy, the new mistress, surrounded by girls who prevent her entering the school.”

Ashperton school strikeAshperton: “Group of Ashperton children who refused to go to school because their master (Mr Bolton) was on strike, and a new man (Mr Dry) was taking his place.”

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